The new senior precinct at Bethany Lutheran Primary School

The new senior precinct for Bethany Lutheran Primary School is designed to support the latest in pedagogical approaches. Through its form, it has responded to the topography of the site to both create a courtyard space around the existing playground and provide a backdrop to the oval. the classrooms contained within the building are bright and flexible providing separate spaces that years 5 and 6 can call their own. With double-height breakout spaces, wide verandas and a green outlook these classrooms are designed to support learning and reinforce pride and achievement. The flexible learning space between these year levels is an additional space that will be an asset to the entire school, with built-in tiered seating it is perfect for presentations, group learning and activities that require a bit more space. The precinct also contains staff facilities, meeting rooms and student amenities.

This building is currently being tendered.

Project Team
Architect – Heise Architecture
Project Manager – Hammond & Neale
Structural – Stantec
Elec & Mech – Walkerbai
Hydraulic – Aqualogical
Civil – Milanovic Neale
Landscape – Jeremy Ferrier
Certifier – BSP Brisbane

Staff Room Animation
Floor Plan
Breakout space pop-up (Natural Light)

Panorama view of Break Out Space One

Panorama view of the Flexible Learning Area

Panorama view of the Approach

Staff Room